A Guide to Landscape Supplies


Creating your landscape is a tedious but fulfilling activity. This excerpt discusses the various landscaping supplies you require when planning to transform your compound into a beautiful landscape. 

Garden supplies 

For your garden, you will require trees, shrubs and grass. A landscaper can help you choose the best plants for your climate. Below are a few tips to help you.

  1. Conduct a soil test to determine the pH of the soil. Use sodium bicarbonate to increase the pH and aluminium sulphate to lower the pH of the soil.
  2. Preferably, use organic fertilisers when planting.
  3. If you want to use trees to control the climate of your home, consider deciduous trees, whose leaves fall off during the cold season. As such, they offer shade during hot months and let the sun through during cold months.
  4. Sod will ensure you have grass cover on your lawn in a short period. Seed will produce healthy grass with a strong root system.
  5. Choose shrubs with different types of flowers and scents to increase the aura of your garden. 

Building products

Use concrete, asphalt, aggregated concrete or interlocking pavers for your driveway. You might require a contractor or specialised equipment such as backhoes and graders during construction. For your pavements, consider concrete, limestone, bricks, tiles, blue stone and slate. Be creative with the patterns on your sidewalks. Besides, the colour of your pavement should complement that of your home's exterior or various installations on your garden. 

Recreation areas

Decks are an excellent place to hold family dinners and gatherings. Use treated timber to ensure that your deck is resistant to rot, termite attacks and weathering. The wood comes in different colours. For instance, Jarrah is dark brown, while blackbutt ranges from yellow to brown. Choose a retractable awning to provide shade on the deck. The material used to make the awning must be durable and weatherproof. You can also consider garden installations such as patios, pergolas and gazebos. Plant vines along these structures to increase their appeal. You can also install inbuilt speakers, refrigerators and television screens to entertain guests at the facilities. 

Garden lighting

Consider energy-efficient LED lighting in your garden. The lights you choose for your garden should not be too bright. Use fibre optic lights to decorate water features such as fountains and swimming pools. Spotlights help to illuminate poorly lit areas and highlight garden steps to prevent accidents at night. 

When planning your landscape, consider garden supplies, building products, recreational areas and lighting. 


26 March 2019

Creating A Garden With Black Fingers

I have always wanted a pretty flower garden of my own. My grandmother has a glorious garden filled with vibrant coloured flowers that smell so good. Unfortunately, I have black fingers, and it seemed that growing a flower garden of my own was always going to be beyond my reach. This year I am making it my resolution to create a garden just like my grandmothers. Follow my blog journey as I figure out the best way to get flowers to flourish and bloom despite my lack of gardening talent. I have the perfect spot picked out in the back garden, so it is going to be an exciting adventure for sure!