3 Benefits of Planting Bare Root Fruit Trees


If you've decided to plant fruit trees in your garden, then you can choose between buying trees grown in a container or ones with bare roots. While you might think that it's better to buy trees with soil around their roots, bare root trees have their advantages.

What are they?

1. Get Better Results

Container trees don't always transplant successfully into gardens. They sit comfortably in their container soil, but they can get stressed when you plant them out.

These trees have to acclimatise their roots to a new soil as soon as you plant them. This can take some time and work on your part. Plus, some trees never quite make the switch. They might struggle to thrive out of their original soil mix, and some might even die off.

Bare root trees have already started to get used to being out of the ground they originally grew in. Their roots go dormant when they are taken out and their soil is removed.

These trees come out of dormancy slowly after you transplant them. This extra time and lack of stress give their roots time to get used to the new soil around them.

Once they get to this stage, the trees are more likely to thrive. Plus, bare root trees usually have longer growth periods behind them and bigger root balls. This makes them more robust and ready to grow in a new environment.

2. Get More Choice of Trees

You might have limited choices when you buy containerised fruit trees. Nurseries tend to grow popular varieties. They aren't likely to waste time and money on more unusual varieties that might not sell. They might not have the space to grow a lot of different trees.

You get more choice if you buy bare root trees. These products don't take up much space at all, so nurseries can get more stock in limited spaces.

Plus, you can order bare root trees online. They are light and robust enough to go through the mail. You won't find it hard to track down the fruit tree you really want to grow even if you can't find it locally.

3. Get Cheaper Trees

Nurseries have to put more time and labour into growing container fruit trees. They need watering and feeding. This adds to their costs.

Bare root trees don't need a lot of work once you take them out of the ground. You simply have to protect their root balls. So, they are cheaper to buy because they don't need as much maintenance.

To learn more, contact a bare root fruit tree nursery and ask about their varieties.


19 July 2021

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