Four Lawn Problems Cylinder Mowers Can Tackle


Cylinder mowers use two blades spinning opposite each other at the top of the machine. One blade has a sharp edge that cuts the grass while the other blade doesn't cut anything but creates lift and keeps the cuttings trapped between them within a cylinder (hence the name). The cylinder rotates as it works so you don't have to do any pushing or pulling when you mow; all you need to do is guide it along its path

Here are four lawn problems that cylinder mowers can tackle.

1. Cylinder Mowers Can Tackle Lawns That Need A Trim But Not A Full Cut

The cylinder mower was designed to be lightweight and easy to use, making it ideal for smaller lawns that don't need a full cut. The lawns with simple curves and straight lines often benefit from this type of mower because it can trim them without having to make multiple passes over the same area like a rotary blade or a push reel lawnmower would have to do.

2. Cylinder Mowers Can Tackle Lawns With Hills Or Slopes

If you have a large yard with hills and slopes, then you know how difficult it is to get the job done with a rotary mower. Cylinder lawn mowers are designed to tackle these tough jobs with ease. They work by using a drive wheel mounted on top of the deck instead of underneath it as most rotary models do. This allows the mower to climb hills easily without getting stuck or scalping the grass on its way up.

3. Cylinder Mowers Can Tackle Lawns With Thick Grass Or Weeds

A common complaint about using rotary lawn mowers is that they don't work well with thick grass or weeds because the blades get clogged up with the plant material. This isn't an issue for cylinder mowers because the blade doesn't rotate in a circle but instead cuts straight down into the grass from above. Cylinder mowers are designed with an adjustable cutting height so you can change the height of the deck in order to cut down on the amount of time it takes for your yard. If there's thick grass or weeds growing in your yard, adjusting the cutting height will help prevent them from getting tangled in your blades as they grow back after each mowing session.

4. Cylinder Lawn Mowers Can Tackle Lawns With Uneven Terrain Or Drainage Issues

Another major benefit of cylinder mowers is the fact that they don't bog down in tough soil conditions like wet or rocky areas. Traditional rotary models can struggle with these conditions because their blades spin too quickly for them to get traction on unstable ground. Cylinder models don't have this problem because their blades are slower and therefore easier for them to handle uneven terrain.

Cylinder mowers are versatile and can be used to tackle a range of lawns. Thick grass, weeds, and even tall grasses can be cut with a cylinder mower. For more information, contact a professional on cylinder lawn mowers today.


10 May 2022

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